Pulling Trig

Imagine coming home from a night where you had a few too many drinks. Your friends get you back to your dorm and as you lay down the room starts spinning. You know that whatever sugary concoction you were drinking is going to give you the worst hangover in the morning and you can’t sleep because you are nauseated, so you pull trig. You heard from one of your friends that it makes them feel better — so why not try it?

Pulling trig has become a common term in the college drinking scene. It is when a person induces vomiting after a night of binge drinking to expel any excess alcohol in their stomach that has not been absorbed. It has been praised by college students as a miracle cure to help prevent hangovers, sober up, and relieve nausea. But is it helping or is it exacerbating the problems that it claims to solve?


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